Welcome to
    Second Grade!
    cat on book
    I am pleased to take this opportunity to welcome your child to second grade.  A good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort between parent, child, and teacher.  My expectations for conduct and standards for academic growth are high.  With your participation in and out of the classroom, we can look forward to a productive, creative, and fun year together!
    I am excited about this year.  I hope that we can work together to make it one of growth, discovery, and significance for your child.   
    Again, welcome!  Please feel free to contact me anytime.  My email is jayne.gailey@westernbeaver.org or call at 724-643-9680 Ext. 3009.
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    Day 1 - Enrichment
    Day 2 - Computers
    Day 3 - Music
    Day 4 - Library
    Day 5 - Gym