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    Third Grade Expectations


    Third grade is a big year for students at Fairview Elementary.  They are now considered the "upper classmen" of the school with fourth and fifth grade.  Along with this lies more responsonsibilites and expecatations for you child. I expect many great things from my students, and by challenging them to be greater, they can do things they never thought possible.


    Behavior Clip Chart:

    Fairview classrooms all utilize a clip chart to monitor student behavior.  Students are responsibe for moving their clip up or down on the chart depending on their actions.  Everyday your child starts on green.  Here is how the chart works.

    Clipping Down:                                        Clipping Up: 

    1. Warning                            1. Sit at the carpet during SSR
    2. Five minutes off recess  2. Sit at the carpet during SSR and parent contact
    3. Ten minutes off recess   about student's great day.       
    4. 15 minutes off reccess
    5. Lose all of recess and parent contact


    Reasons for clipping .down:                                                 Reasons for clipping up:

    • Not prepared for class (books, materials)          *Being kind to others
    • Not following directions                                         *Lending a helping hand
    • Not focusing or following along with the class  *Participation in class
    • Unable to keep hands to yourself                        *Showing extra effort
    • Lying                                                                         *Using kind and encouraging words
    • Talking out or interuppting others                       *Showing respect
    • Using negative or inappropriate words              *Polite/Great Manners
    • Not following school wide rules                             *Trying your best


    Homework and Planners:

    Students bring home their homework folders and planners everyday to encourage consistency.  When your child has a homework assignment, they copy it from the board into their planner.  I walk around and check every student to make sure the assignment is written in the correct subject and date.  The initial section at the bottom of the day is then highlighted.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to sign the planner every time there is a homework assignment written.  No consequnce will come to your child if the planner is not signed.  However, if your child is consistently not turing in homework, and the planner is not being signed, I will then call home to make sure you aware of the missed assignments.

    Our third grade homework policy allows one missed homework assignemnt without consequence.  All assignments missed after that result in a loss of recess, and zero credit for the assignment. 

    Students do not need to receive a perfect on homework assginments to receive credit.  As long as the student has put thought and effoft into the work, they will recieve full credit.  Each homework assignement is worth one point across all subjects.


    Sign and return tests:

    Any test that comes home with a "D" or "F" will have a "Sign and Return" stamped onto the it.  Students are responsible for showing the test to their parent or guardian for them to sign.  Students have two days from the time the test is sent home to return it signed.  Students will lose recess everyday following until the test is returned.


    Absent/Make-Up Work:

    When your child is absent from school, an assignment sheet will be sent home with a list of work that your child needs to make up.  Your child has three days from the day they bring the assignments home to complete and turn them in.  If assigments are not turned in after the three days, your child will receive zero credit for the work.


    Class Schedule:

    8:00-8:30 ~ Homeroom

    8:30-9:40 ~Math

    9:40-10:50 ~ Reading/Grammar

    10:50-11:20 ~ Lunch

    11:20-12:15 ~ Reading/Grammar

    12:15-12:45 ~ Recess

    12:45-1:19 ~Social Studies/Science*    

    1:19-2:05 ~ Specials*                                      *Rotation Days are as follows:

    2:05-2:20 ~ Make-up work/PSSA Prep                    Day 1: Library

    2:20-2:50 ~Silent Reading (SSR)                                 Day 2: Gym

    2:50-3:00~ Pack Up                                                       Day 3: Enrichment

    3:00 ~Dismissal                                                             Day 4: Computer

                                                                                              Day 5: Music

    *Social Studies is taught the first and second 9 weeks.  Science is taught the third and fourth 9 weeks.


    Grading for Social Studies and Science:

    Although your child will receive letter grades on tests and credit for assignemnts just like reading and math, the report card will show an "O", "S", or "U" just like their citizenship grade.  Receiving an "O" is in relationship to an "A", "S" would be like receiving a "B" or "C", and  "U" would be a "D" or "F".

    Although these subjects are not letter grades, receiving a "U' would take your child off high honors or honor roll for that nine weeks.