• Alternative School Days

    Day 1

    Dear First Grade Families,

            In the event of inclement weather and school cancellations, our school district has recently instituted an “Alternative School Days” curriculum. Students will not miss school work, but rather work on assigned projects that integrate their grade level learning objectives with assigned home projects. As part of our accommodations for students with needs and in an effort to work with all students, it is important that directions are read aloud to students when needed.

            Your child must complete the “Alternative School Day” projects within two weeks of being assigned. The completed projects will be used to account for student attendance. Assignments may either be completed by printing the worksheets from http://westernbeaver.org/fairview or students may hand their Alternative School Day packet to their teacher.

            If you have any questions, you may leave a message in your teacher’s mailbox at

    724-643-9680 or send an email via the above link before 3:25.




    First Grade Teachers