• Advanced Placement English Language and Composition 

    and English Literature and Composition 

    Welcome to the world of Advanced Placement English Language and Composition and Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition.  AP English courses are challenging, interesting, and rewarding.  AP students utilize college textbooks and materials to help prepare them for college-level analytic reading and writing.  The capstone of any AP course is a national exam offered in May for which students may earn 3 college credits, if they achieve a predetermined score.  Advanced Placement courses must be approved by The College Board, the entity which administers the Advanced Placement exams.  In 2013, the last year The College Board published statistics about the Advanced Placement programs, just under 4 million AP exams in a variety of subject areas were taken by high school students.  In the 2019-2020 school year, 13 Western Beaver students are enrolled in AP English Literature and Composition. These students have accepted the rigor and challenge of AP and have made their competitive edges keener.  
    English 11 
    English 11 is an English Language Arts course, which covers literature, non-fiction readings, poetry, grammar/usage, writing, and literary and non-fiction analysis. Students will read and study a variety of material to engage them in the study of literature and language and to help prepare them for standardized tests and career-related grammar and writing. 
    Creative Writing Elective
    Creative Writing focuses on the creative writing of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and argumentation. Students will learn to entertain and/or educate through creative writing; express feelings, thoughts, or emotions; spread awareness about issues or simply express thoughts; write argumentatively to persuade; and learn how to locate and solicit avenues for publication of their work.  Musically inclined students will be encouraged to pair creative poetry, ballads, odes, etc. with their music.
    General Information
     Parents may view my Western Beaver Website Calendar for updates on course homework, exams, and lesson plans.  Parents are encouraged to call me for updates on your child's progress. My phone number is 724/643-8500, extension 1047, and my email address is vkennedy@westernbeaver.org. 
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