Welcome to Western Beaver’s Library Media Center webpage!  Here you will be able to find all of the vital information to make the most out of the center’s resources in and outside of school!  You will find hours of operation, media usage guidelines, and helpful tools for both students and staff.  Delve in and explore!
    The media center is to be used as a platform where critical thinking, collaboration, and academic enthusiasm is fostered and built.  Students and staff will be able to share and apply knowledge using the various media and research tools available to them in an ethical and appropriate manner, so that continued student growth can occur. 
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  • BCLS
    Search your local library and various libraries across the county!  The Beaver County Library System is full of resources for all age groups.  Search the county's catalog, their digital collection, upcoming events, and so much more!
  •  Power Kids

    POWER Kids
    Search and find a slew of resources geared towards students in grades K-8  Chat with a librarian, search the kid's catalog, and explore photos, documents, and much more!
    To access from home follow the link and use the code below.
     eCard Number Needed: 20000010262075
  • AR
    Practice your reading skills while reading your favorite books!  Acquire points and find texts suitable for your own reading level. 
  • follett


    Download and view eBooks offline with 24/7 access.  With thousands of eBook titles to choose from, we have all the key subject areas covered!  To begin searching…
  • PLato


  • Overdrive
    Borrow eBooks, audio books, and more!  To begin searching use the same login and password as you do in school.  Get the free OverDrive app to start searching now!  Enjoy titles on many popular devices.  For how-to directions follow the link below.
  • power library
    POWER Library 
    Pennsylvania On-line World of Electronic Resources is a network of reliable databases, which you can use for school  and personal research projects.  Access it from school or your local public library’s website.  POWER Library gives you immediate access to thousands of magazines, books, full text articles, newspapers, encyclopedias, photographs, charts, maps, and much more!
    To access from home follow the link and use the code below.
    eCard Number Needed: 20000010262075  
  • AR Book Finder
    Need to find out if a book is AR, how many points it is, or it's book level?  Check it out here! 
  • Study Island



  • Edgenuity