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    Mrs. Jena Adams
    Please see my Teams app for all current lessons.
    If you need to contact me please use one of these methods:
    - Call 724.643.8500 ext 1011 and leave me a message. I will call
    you back using *67 to block my personal number. Please be
    aware that the call will be listed as a “private caller.” If you
    contacted me, please expect to see this message and answer
    your phone.
    - Use my email – jena.adams@westernbeaver.org
    - Use the Chat button on the teams app
    - Use the remind app
    If you need help with school work, want to verify rumors you heard about
    Western Beaver, or having technical issues reaching your TEAMS app
    from any class, please contact me or any of your teachers.
    Please follow the safety guidelines we have been given and stay healthy.
    I’m looking forward to seeing you when school resumes.
    My Schedule 
    1 - English 8- Room 303
    2 - Planning- Room 303
    3 - English 7- Room 303
    4 - 6th grade RTI
    5 - Math 8- Room 303
    6 - English 11- room 203
    7 - Math 7 - room 307
    Contact Information
    Phone:  724-643-8500 extension 1011 
    Fax:      724-643-8504
    Email:  jena.adams@westernbeaver.org 
    **The quickest way to get a hold of me is through the Remind app.  If you haven't already, you can still join using my class code: 81010 or text message to @mrsadamsca