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UPDATED (1/25/19) Cancellation and Delay Information

The coming week is forecasted to be rather cold by the local news stations. While the district does not have the ability to predict the weather, we can certainly prepare based on their forecast. Please understand these weather predictions can be up to 7 to 10 days in advance, and we feel the current forecast is something the district would like to prepare for.   We wanted to let you know how we plan to make decisions for two-hour delays or cancellations so you can prepare your family’s needs this coming week. Please know that the safety of our students and staff is most important and much consideration is taken when issuing a delay or cancellation.

When temperatures dip below a negative 2 or 3 based on the temperature and the wind chill, school may be cancelled. For example with a temperature of negative 2 degrees and no wind chill factor, school would be in session. However with a temperature of 5 degrees and a wind chill of negative 15, school would be cancelled.  

Two-Hour Delays
The district is not planning on calling a two-hour delay for cold temperatures because the temperature increase is minimal between a normal bus time and a two-hour delay bus time. Two-hour delays would be called based on road conditions and advice from the bus garage, not necessarily cold temperatures. Other school districts may choose to delay due to cold temperatures, so please ensure you watch the news stations for any schedule changes for our district.

Bus Procedures
Expect your bus to be a few minutes late on very cold mornings. If it is cold out and students have to wait for a bus, we encourage parents to provide shelter in a vehicle at the bus stop or to have the child stay in his or her home until the bus arrives. We understand this will extend each stop a few minutes which will ultimately slow each route.

On days when other districts feel the need to delay, it is the parent/guardian’s decision to choose to keep your child home from school if you feel the temperature warrants such an action. Upon your child’s return to school, please issue a written excuse to the building office stating that your child was absent due to the weather. This will be considered an “excused” absence. All students will be required to complete all missed work upon their return to school.

After School Activities
All activities after school will continue even with a cold weather cancellation. However, if we are cancelled due to road conditions or any building issues, we would communicate this information to families.  

There are several ways for families and staff to be informed of delays or cancellations. It will be posted on the news channels, the district will send a phone call, we will post it on Facebook, and we will post on it on our website. Please check multiple locations to ensure that you have the accurate information for our district. Based on forecasts, we may be able to make our decision the evening before any schedule change. However, sometimes, we need to wait until the morning of to make a call to ensure student and staff safety.