Internet 4 Classrooms

“Internet 4 Classrooms ("i4c"), a free web portal designed to assist anyone who wants to find high-quality, free Internet
resources to use in classroom instruction, developing project ideas, reinforcing specific subject matter areas both in the class and at home and even for online technology tutorials. The portal is used by teachers, parents and students of all ages on six of the seven continents (there are not many classrooms in Antarctica) and is available to anyone with an Internet connection. We do not charge a subscription fee.”


“PowerMyLearning is a free digital learning platform for K-12 students, parents, and educators, developed by the national nonprofit CFY. PowerMyLearning makes thousands of the most compelling publicly available digital learning activities from across the web easily accessible and usable, creating an unbiased, go-to destination.”

You can use the resources at this site when teaching and/or set up your classroom for students to log in and do the lessons independently.

Common Sense: Graphite

“Common Sense Education welcomes you to Graphite, a platform we created to make it easier for educators to find the best apps, games, and websites for the classroom.”

Common Sense Media

“Common Sense Media offers the largest, most trusted library of independent age-based and educational ratings and reviews
for movies, games, apps, TV shows, websites, books, and music.”


Scootpad helps personalize learning and accelerate student achievement. At this site, you can set up your class to do independent practice at the necessary level and on the skills they need to work on. If you don’t assign skills, it is a prescriptive site that
will advance the student through the skills at grade level at the student’s own speed.

Our students love this because they earn coins for correct answers and then purchase rewards set by their teachers with the coins. We have been using the free membership for a few years, but decided to do the paid one this year so we can take full advantage
of reports, ebooks, spelling assignments, etc.


“ opened as a free public service in 2002 to inspire a love of learning in a safe, playful environment. We offer free online reading resources and low-cost, high-quality curriculum products, plus a member website that develops mathematics and reading skills. Starfall students of all learning levels and backgrounds are excited and eager to learn.”

Reading Resource

“Check out some of our favorite reading websites for kids that teach Letter Knowledge, Phonemic Awareness, Alphabetic
Principle (Basic & Advanced Code), Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension!”


Fun activities to help children at KS1 learn more about Literacy. This website is from the BBC so the characters have a bit
of an accent that can be odd for students at times. It does have many fun and worthwhile games in a large array of subjects in addition to language arts to play.

e-learning for kids

“Our vision is to be the source for childhood learning on
the internet available from anywhere and without charge. Established in late
2004, e-learning for kids is a global, nonprofit foundation dedicated to fun
and free learning on the internet for children ages 5 - 12. We offer free,
best-in-class courseware in math, science, reading and keyboarding; and we're
building a community for parents and educators to share innovations and
insights in childhood education.”

Lessons are
sorted by subject area and then by grade level.


“ is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students
to learn on the web. All children's educational computer activities were created or approved by certified school teachers. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn.”