Dear Students,

The entire educational community of Western Beaver share, with obvious pride, in the accomplishments of the students of the Western Beaver Jr.-Sr. High School. This community includes the students, parents, teachers, administrators, other staff members and the community itself. Therefore, a lot of people and resources have been invested into your educational experience.

Past graduates have demonstrated responsibility both in and out of the classroom. Many were academic, even athletic all-stars. Most were fine examples of responsible citizens among a cohesive group of proud graduates. They had accepted the challenges of academia, social membership, family obligations and financial responsibility all while still teenagers. Their ability to manage and negotiate these areas led to their successful graduation.

As you look forward to your eventual graduation, certain standards apply here at school to help you to be successful. Your responsibilities include regular school attendance, conscientious effort completing required course work, and conformance to school rules and regulations. Most of all, you share with the administration and faculty a responsibility to develop a climate within the school that is conducive to wholesome learning and living. Students should, therefore, always express ideas and opinions in a respectful manner so as not to offend, slander, or threaten the safety of others. It is your responsibility to:

  • Be aware of all rules and regulations for student behavior and conduct yourself in accordance with them

  • Be willing to volunteer information in matters relating to health, safety, and welfare of the school community and the protection of school property

  • Dress and groom to meet fair standards of safety and health, and so as not to cause disruption of the educational process (see specific dress code contained in this handbook)

  • Assume that until a rule is waived, altered or repealed it is in full effect

  • Assist the school staff in operation of a safe school for all students enrolled therein

  • Attend school daily and be on time to all classes and other school functions

  • Make all necessary arrangements for making up work when absent from school

  • Perform to your highest ability on all assessments and evaluations

  • Pursue excellence in completing the courses of study and graduation requirements

Your teachers, administrators and staff are here to help you to maximize your educational experience. . If you or your parents need any clarification or assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. I am looking forward to another rewarding and successful year with you, the other students and staff here at the Western Beaver Jr.-Sr. High School.

Mr. David M. Brandon, Principal