Roadmap to 20-21

The return to school plan is constantly changing as new information becomes available. We understand this can be a frustrating experience for all involved. Please be patient and know that we are diligently evaluating current recommendations and evidence to guide schools in the process of providing the least restrictive yet safest environment possible for your children!



The typical school day will be changed as our lives have since the emergence of COVID-19. Open discussion and modeling of good hygiene practices is key. It begins at home! Discuss the importance of daily hygiene, healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise. Demonstrate effective hand washing with reminders that this is necessary at arrival to school, after restroom visits, before eating , and anytime they cough or sneeze. Discuss keeping fingers out of mouth, nose, etc. Practice social distancing. Do not socialize with anyone that is ill.

Monitor for illness- take temps at home. Keep child home if temp 100 or > or shows signs of illness please alert school and keep home. In the morning, please do not give Tylenol or Advil for low grade temps as they may suppress an important indicator of emerging illness.

These are just a few suggestions. We will provide detailed direction and information as we get closer to school reopening. Remember that we are working together to stay together! Everyone has a part in keeping us safe!

What if my child has an immune suppression type condition?

This type of condition will necessitate a discussion with your pediatrician . We will be glad to be an active participant in any decision or plan made. We are here to assist in making your child's education as safe as possible!

How will I know to keep my child home from school if ill?

We are developing decision trees to assist parents, students, and staff to evaluate illness symptoms and make decisions in regards to healthcare. Recommendations change daily, therefore we are constantly updating these. These documents will be shared as we get closer to school reopening.

As always, your school nurse is an available resource to help make those decisions!

Will my child be able to visit the health office for daily treatments and medications ?

We WILL provide all necessary care for your child! We may alter the working layout of our offices to allow a safer visit. It is possible that some alterations in the typical day to day operations will be instituted to allow a safer delivery of services. These will be communicated to you as we get closer to school reopening.

Will my child need to wear a face covering in school?

At this time we are closely monitoring the CDC and Department of Health recommendations. We will update this question and answer as we get closer to school reopening.

Will school physicals and dentals be scheduled this school year?

We are not certain when these will be offered. Please call your pediatrician and dentist to schedule these exams and return a completed copy of visit exam to the school . Again, we will update this question when more information becomes available. (As a physicals do count as a physical in high school - please return a copy to the nursing office.)

Physical exams are required in : K, 6th,11th grades

Dentals exams are required in : K, 3rd, 7th grades

Forms are available on our webpage.

What if my child does not have all the required immunizations for 2020 -2021 school year?

Please call your pediatrician today to discuss these immunizations. They may be able to schedule a nurse visit to get vaccinations updated. We are currently waiting for any new provisions from the Department of School Health. As that information becomes available we will update this question and answer.

What can I do if my child is struggling with mental health issues?

During the summer months and as we transition back to school, your child can be referred to our school based mental health provider. Please contact your building administrator for additional details and paperwork.

Support can also be provided through the Prevention Network. More information can be found at the following site:

Please see the bottom of the page for resources available throughout the county.

What will the district do to support my child's mental wellbeing once school resumes?

Throughout the summer months, the school will be providing documents regarding student mental wellbeing and how you can help your child at home. The district will be sending surveys in August to gauge student's mental health and identify students at-risk for support. Surveys will be optional, results will be read by the district's guidance counselors. You will be contacted before any action is taken.

If you are overly concerned about your child's mental health at this time feel free to contact your building administrator for options.

As we look to return to school, additional documents to help support our students re-entering buildings will be provided.

For questions or concerns contact:

Wendy Robison, Certified School Nurse

724-643-8500 x1015

For mental wellness concerns please contact your building's guidance counselor or Mrs. Altenhof, Director of Special Education