Roadmap to 20-21


Is the District prepared for short-term disruptions?

The Western Beaver County School District takes the responsibility of your student’s health very seriously. We will strive to balance the health and safety concerns with the emotional and social needs that are vital to the development of children when we are in session. Should we move to a situation requiring more aggressive protocols that require a decreased student population (split schedule) or virtual/online programs we are prepared to do so. We have invested in electronic devices, software, and teacher training that will support these platforms in order to continue the important job of educating your student. Specific plans with regard to technology will be outlined in other documents.

Will my child still take field trips?

At this time, field trips are not being scheduled and decisions for future trips will be made as more information becomes available.

What if I need to pick up my child during the day for an appointment?

Please ring the buzzer at the door, identify yourself and the student being picked up and remain out front until your child is brought to you.

How will arrival and dismissal be affected?

Parents will not be permitted to enter the building during these times. All necessary communication will be done through the intercom at the front door. Students may be dropped off no earlier than 7AM.

Will parents and visitors be allowed in the building?

Only staff and students will be permitted in the building. In certain cases, arrangements may be made for certain circumstances and will be communicated in advance. Please review all changes in policy for specific information.

What will classrooms look like?

Classrooms will be less cluttered. Non-essential items will be removed to allow for the spacing of desks. Shared items will be limited and individual items will be used whenever feasible. All cloth items (carpets, chairs etc) will be removed from the classrooms to facilitate cleaning.

What is the district doing to protect students and staff against the spread of Coronavirus?

WBCSD will continue to follow the guidance of PDE, the County Health Department, the PA Department of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The district has taken several steps to educate students about good hygiene habits and following basic steps to prevent the spread of illness. The district will increase the amount of hand sanitizer stations at all schools. Our custodians will clean and disinfect all surfaces in our buildings and transportation thoroughly cleans the fleet of buses.

How do I register a new student?

Contact the high school office at 724.643.8500 and you will be given instructions on the enrollment process. The registration packet will be available for pick up or can be mailed. There are several options for returning the required documentation. These details will be covered during your phone conference with the secretary.